Travel Bug (Australian Edition)

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Board Game

Ages: 6+

Players: 2-6

Duration: 40-60 min

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Travel Bug – Board game for the whole family.

Do you love travels and boardgames? This game will take you on a virtual trip around Australia, bringing up fond memories of the past travels, and helping make the new plans to go see this beautiful country.

Try your luck travelling around Australia. Visit beautiful places, meet weird & wonderful animals and plants. Collect as many souvenirs as you can, but get home in time!

Aim of the game

Embark on the trip of a lifetime! See Australia by road, rail, air, or sea. Collect photos of landmarks, plants and animals, enjoy amazing travels and return home safely.

Earn points by travelling and collecting souvenirs. The player with the highest score wins.

Game playing field, decks of cards, tockens and game box


How to play

Every player starts their journey in their selected Home City.

Each turn consists of up to four steps:

  • card exchange (optional)
  • travel
  • collect souvenirs
  • pick up two travel cards

The players travel from one destination to another using travel cards (plane, train, ship and 4WD cards), and collect souvenirs in their final destination. Score points for travelling and for collected souvenirs.

If you have drawn a Try Your Luck card from the travel deck, pick up a card from the Try Your Luck deck. Will good luck be on your side today?

If you have drawn a Travel Bug card, toss a Travel Bug coin. Will you get a good Travel Bug or a bad one?

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Additional information

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Dimensions 20 × 15 × 7 cm

6 reviews for Travel Bug (Australian Edition)

  1. Anna T

    This board game is fun for the whole family as it can be played at different levels of mastery (and gets better with the time). It made our COVID lockdown evenings much more interesting – and we can’t wait to make all of our Travel bug trips real!

  2. Irena A.

    Our family, with boys 5&10 yo, absolutely love playing this board game on weekends. Combination of fun and education tick the box. Kids learned all about Australia: cities, states, flora and fauna! Also, this board game is a great gift idea to bring from Australia to your overseas friends and family.

  3. Susana (verified owner)

    I absolutely recomend this game! It is fun for the whole family, there is strategy and a bit of luck involved in it. The souvenir cards you collect during the game are beautiful, and garantee you learn about Australian fauna and flora. It makes you want to travel!!

  4. Mila (verified owner)

    Great way to spend time with the family and learn about Australian landmarks and unique flora and fauna. Game is very good quality, durable and compact so it is easy to take it anywhere without worrying about space. Depending on maturity some six year olds may need help from an adult. Also it is the perfect option as a souvenir for anyone who wants to send a unique Australian gift.

  5. Valeria (verified owner)

    It is a great fun way to learn about Australia. The game is simple to learn and play, is perfect for the entire family. It quickly became one of our favourites. Very well designed and executed. Couldn’t recommend it more! This would be a great Christmas or birthday gift for any child!

  6. Evan

    Totally recommended! We spent A LOT of family hours playing this game. Nice gameplay, quality cards and play-field. I also love that it’s locally made and not just designed, such a rare thing these days. Well-done authors! By the way, have you thought of perhaps doing state editions?

    • Olga Kustova (verified owner)

      Thank you for your kind words, Evan. Would you be interested more in the versions of the game covering different countries or Australian States and territories?

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