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Itching to travel?

The Travel Bug Board Game (Australian Edition) will take you on a trip of a lifetime.

See Australia by road, rail, air or sea. Collect photos of landmarks, plants and animals, enjoy amazing travels and return home safely. Earn points by travelling and collecting souvenirs.

Travel Bug game box

Bring The Family Together

Australian designed and made board game Travel Bug will bring your family together around the table.

  • Quality family time
  • Talk about your past travels
  • Dream and plan your next journey

Unique Family Present

  • Unique gift for your overseas friends or family
  • A beautiful present for a child aged 6 to 14
  • A game to take with you on a road trip

The best way to learn

Learn through playing. Playing the Travel Bug, kids learn:

  • Australian flora and fauna
  • Geography: states and territories, cities and landmarks
  • Strategy and probability
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What's in the box

Travel Bug Logo

Travel Bug board game comes in a small box, but inside you will find a lot!

  • Fabric game board
  • Travel Bug coin
  • pawns and tokens
  • 63 Souvenir cards
  • 99 Travel cards
  • 30 Try Your Luck cards
  • 8 Home cards

How to play

Travel around by using different types of transport (4WD, Plane, Cruise Ship, Train)

Score points depending on the length of your trip.

Collect Souvenirs

Score points for collecting different plants, animals and landmarks.

Travel Bug coin

Which travel bug have you caught? – a strong desire to travel (wanderlust) or travelers stomach bug? Toss a coin and find out!

Try Your Luck

Got a Try Your Luck card? – find out if good luck is on your side today! In the Travel Bug game, good luck will bring you exciting travels and more souvenirs, while bad luck could make you face wild crocodiles, spiders, tropical cyclones and even a bushfire.

Travel Bug: What's So Special?

Why is the box so small?

We wanted to design the game that you could take with you on your travels. With lots of cards, it still fits in a small box thanks to the very unusual game board.

Fabric Game Board

This map is so different from your standard game board – it is printed on fabric. As a result, it is much lighter and takes less space. Can be ironed on the reverse if desired. 

Done locally

The game is printed by the small Australian companies.

With Environment in mind

Wherever possible, we tried to reduce presence of plastic in the game. That’s why the cards are not packed in cellophane, and there is no plastic insert in the box.

Respecting Australian culture

Throughout the game, you will see the design elements connecting the land with it’s first owners. 

About Us

This board game has been developed by two Melbournians, Olga Kustova (Author) and Belinda Cross (Designer).

Olga Kustova

Who am I? And why I came up with the idea of the Travel Bug boardgame?

Firstly, I love travels and find travelling the best way to learn geography. Secondly, with the university degree in biology, I was always curious about plants and animals around us. Finally, I love board games and have been playing them for years – together with my kids now aged 10 and 15.

Belinda Cross

Why I got excited at Olga’s suggestion to design a board game.

A passion for travel is part of my DNA. I love learning about the places I visit, their history and what makes each destination unique. These days, when our ability to travel might sometimes be restricted, what better way to explore the vast and beautiful corners of Australia than by playing a family boardgame!

Quite competitive

"I liked that this game was fun and quite competitive, you have to play to win yourself but also to stop the others from winning. You can learn a lot about Australian states and their highlights. I also really like the soft map and the awesome graphics on the map and the cards, it made the game very unique."
Alisa, 13

For the whole family

"This game is fun and entertaining for the whole family while still putting your brain to the test: you need to plan your trip carefully, so you can come back home. Colourful pictures made us willing to visit places we've never been before."
kids playing outdoors
Max, 10

110% recommend this game!

"It's an amazing game, it is so much fun travelling around Australia and sharing the souvenirs with friends and family. It was also interesting as at the end of the game there are some extra points that can change the winner of the game. 110% recommend this game!"
Yana, 12